In this semester, we have a new class which called Design Application in Fashion.

The teacher,Hiro,has a lot of requairments for our work, and I heard about that he always criticize student's work seriously.

I think we have more pressure from this class,furthermore, I think we can learn more also.

I really glad that my teacher is Hiro, because I saw the work done from a student who be teached by other teacher has a huge difference between the work of Hiro's students.Even the bad one from Hiro's student is more better than the work done from the student being teached by other teacher.

Pressure always improves people's developments.

I like some of concepts which Hiro gave to us . For example,he said "fashion doesn't like the history,it can't be forgotten,because fashion is life and it can be used in anytime in everywhere". Otherwise,he also said that
ask you one question before you sleep everyday-what have you done today? Because time could be lost rapidly, therefore, when you ask yourself this question you can know how much time you have wasted and how hard you should do tomorrow.I really like those concepts.

I think it's worthy to study under the pressure from Hiro,despite I have to work like a dog.
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