Yestoday, after my class of figure drawing, my emotion is very bad.
Because my teacher commented on my work in a satiric tone.
She said where my mistake is,but she didn't tell me how I can correct it.
She just said that maybe it's your style.And she said that you must work hard.
But the truth is I don't understand my mistakes,I don't know how to correct it.
So my emotion is bad.
I thought maybe my teacher like a fashion figure with personal style.
So I bagin working, and practiced very hard.
I thought that if I have my own style,maybe my teacher will like my drawing.
But I'm wrong, because I shouldn't care about my teacher's thinking.
I must have my own style and don't mind that my teacher like it or not.
It's my real style.

I think that I must work like a dog.
My boss always says that if you want to do, you must be the best.
I want to be the best, because I choose the way by myself.

So work work work,go go go
Find out my own style.
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  • alihaha
  • If you do your best,you are the best.<br />
    Just do it.<br />
    What you want will become a part of yourself ,before you detect that.<br />
    <br />